Sunday Market Community Guidelines

The Riverdale Y Sunday Market is proud to be a “village square” for the community – a place to come together and make things happen.  We are constantly making new connections, forming new partnerships, and building on existing ones.  To maintain the very special “vibe” of our market, we have established the following guidelines.

For all proposed activities, community members must send an email that includes your name, organization name, date(s), and description of suggested activity.   “Activities”  are limited to programs (e.g. arts and crafts for children) and providing a service.  Applicants will be notified of decisions via email.  There is no guarantee that applications will be approved.

First and foremost, all activities must be proposed to the Market Manager before any further steps can be taken.  Community members who advertise their activity(ies) as taking place at the Riverdale Y Sunday Market without submitting a proposal will not be permitted to put forward any future projects for consideration.


Absolutely no politics of any kind are allowed in the market area.  Political candidates and their representatives cannot engage in any form of campaigning in the parking lot. Anyone who may inadvertently campaign in the lot will be asked to leave immediately.


Community organizations will only be permitted to table in the market area on non-partisan topics or issues as part of events or initiatives organized by the market and must be approved by the Market Manager.  Events will be limited to specific area(s) within the parking lot, and organizations will be limited to those areas.  Requests by community organizations to table outside of specific events planned by the market will not be approved.

At no point will anyone be allowed to approach market-goers to ask for signatures, fill out postcards, write letters, make phone calls, or any other form of solicitation.  Participating organizations are required to inform their members of this prohibition.  Any individuals who choose to disregard this rule will be asked to leave.

Collecting for Charitable Causes

Community members are welcome to ask about the possibility of collecting items at the market for a charitable purpose.  These initiatives serve the dual purpose of benefiting those in need and providing opportunities for customers to dispose of items that would otherwise go into the waste stream.  Each request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Market Manager, who will notify the applicant of the decision by email.  Any requests duplicating current initiatives by other community members will be turned down automatically.

We cannot accept requests for space to sell items for money, especially if those items conflict with the market itself.  Art for AID is and will continue to be the only exception to this rule.

Contact Information:

As stated above, all proposals must be submitted via email and include your name, organization name, date(s), and description of suggested activity.  Please send your email to  Thank you for being part of our community, and for your continued patronage of the Riverdale Y Sunday Market.

Guidelines for Prospective Vendors

The Riverdale Y Sunday Market is committed to providing high quality products to the community.  Our vendors are carefully selected based on the quality of their products and how they fit into the market as a whole.  Before putting forward your product for consideration, please check the list of current vendors to make sure that it does not duplicate a product already available at the market, and read the policy outlined below.

This policy is in line with that of farmers markets across the country and is essential to carrying out our mission of providing local farmers, food producers, and craftspeople/artists with the opportunity to sell their products directly to the consumer in a community-oriented environment.

Vendor categories are restricted to:

* Local farmers bringing food they grow themselves or meat and dairy products from animals raised by the farmer;

* Food products made locally in small batches such as cheese, coffee, and pickles;

* Prepared food made fresh by the vendor;

* Crafts made and sold by the vendor, including jewelry and knitted items;

* Sustainable items that complement local products sold at the market;

* Services and products deemed to be of particular significance to Riverdale and the Bronx.

We are not currently accepting applications for:

* Baked goods that are already sold at the market, i.e. cookies.

Minimum requirements: vendors must be able to show proof of $1000 in sales over the past 12 months, and to have a valid sales tax certificate.

To apply, send your name, phone number, description of product(s), and pictures of same to  Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis by the Market Manager, who makes the final decision.

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