Music School

At Riverdale Y, music lessons are so much more than just instrument or voice instruction.

Here, students learn discipline and discover how to use their imagination, they grow their self-esteem and their patience, and they emerge with the creative tools that can lift them academically and professionally.

Since 1999, the Rhoda Grundman Music School has been dedicated to providing the latest comprehensive and motivational music instruction for all ages, Kindergarteners to adults, and at all skill levels.

We offer private instruction in voice, piano, violin, guitar, and other instruments, as well as group instruction for piano and duet ensemble for piano, string, and wind instruments.

Lessons focus on specific skills and on cultivating a lifelong appreciation of the beauty and joy in the musical arts. They are tailored to the individual’s age, ability, and pace, ensuring the student moves from success to success. Please be aware of our Music School Attendance Policy.

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