Board of Directors

Peter Goldman, President
Sara Crowe, Chair
Gail Schorsch, Vice-President
Mia Diamond Padwa, Vice-President
Arthur Bloom, Treasurer

Adrienne Goldfeder Turok
Rick Feldman
Hannah Rothman
Helen Samuels
Rochelle Tarlowe
Elana Weinberger

Honorary Trustees

Vanessa Gibson, Bronx  Borough President
Eric Dinowitz, New York City Councilman
Jeffrey Dinowitz, New York State Assemblyman
Ritchie Torres, U.S. Congressman (District 15)

Other persons may be nominated, either for Director or Officer, by filing in writing with the Secretary of the Association, within ten (10) days, the names and addresses of such other candidate or candidates for the positions to be filled at the Annual Meeting. Such additional nominations to be valid shall be on the written petition of at least five (5) Members of the Association. If such additional nominations shall have been submitted, with a written acceptance by the nominee, then the slate of the nominees of the Nominating and Board Resource Committee, identified as such, together with such additional names, also separately identified, shall be sent by the Secretary of the Association to all Members at least ten (10) days prior to the Annual Meeting. No nominations for Directors or Officers, except as above set forth above, shall be made or acted upon at the Annual Meeting.

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