Our Volunteer’s April Impact

April was a bustling time at Riverdale Y. As the weather warmed up and nature came alive with blossoming trees and flowers, we saw the fruits of our hard work planted earlier in the year.

Volunteers of all ages joined us for volunteer appreciation events. From 7-year-olds to seniors, people of diverse ages chatted, shared experiences, enjoyed food, and had a good laugh while celebrating our efforts.

During service days, students from Macaulay Honors School helped wrap utensils for the older adult center lunch. Winston Prep students spent time with our older adults, sharing hobbies and practicing public speaking. Horace Mann students prepared for a Passover Model Seder by making over 200 containers of horseradish, lettuce, and celery bundles, along with specialized utensil sets for the celebration. Students from Ethical Studies Fieldston School learned about health equity and assembled over 1500 hygiene kits for individuals with chronic illnesses like HIV. Volunteers did over 350 hours of administrative tasks, which are often unseen but vital to the success of our community.

We were fortunate to receive generous donations for our pantries from the Met Council and Race West, serving over 500 people in need of food. Additionally, we provided assistance at two special events—a birthday bash for the older adult center and the Passover Model Seder. In total, we positively impacted the lives of over 2,000 individuals through our direct and indirect service, warm smiles, and compassionate hearts.

If you’d like to help support Riverdale Y’s volunteer program which supports a number of initiatives including food insecurity, intergenerational connections, youth leadership development, and more, you can give online or email Alexandra Nyashina

Looking ahead to May, we anticipate more exciting events. On May 5th, we will host Senior Sunday, inviting older adults to join us at the Y. Additionally, Riverdale Art Fest at the Sunday Market will reintroduce over 600 community members to our wonderful vendors, artists, and musicians. We will host two food pantries and a birthday party for the older adult center. The highlight of the month will be Riverdale Run & Fun Day, where over 1,000 participants will gather for a day of running, walking, playing, and community enjoyment. Proceeds from this event will support essential programs such as the Older Adult Center, Food Justice initiatives, and Teen Intergenerational programs.

We hope to see you this month, especially on Sunday, May 19th, for Riverdale Run & Fun Day. Your support—whether through participating in the run, volunteering, or donating—helps sustain our community programs. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

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