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Stay Well Exercise  

An exercise program that accommodates participants of all fitness levels, Stay Well enhances balance, builds muscle strength and aids in the performance of tasks associated with daily living.

Manicures with Frances and Nancy

Get a shape and a colorful shine from our dedicated volunteers Frances (Mondays) and Nancy (Wednesdays).  They can accommodate 4 “customers.”  Sign up at the Information Desk on the second floor across from the elevator or with Gladys. Thank you, Frances and Nancy.

Chess Clinic 

Join Joel Perlmutter to learn how to play chess or find a partner. All levels welcome and no experience necessary.


Find inner peace and clarity through meditation! Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to the practice, our meditation classes offer something for everyone. Join us to learn different forms of meditation, practice mindfulness, and find relaxation in the present moment. Discover the transformative power of meditation for yourself!

Baking with Galina and Isabel 

Galina and Isabel invite members each week to join them in the little kitchen to bake delicious muffins. Coffee and muffins will be on sale afterwards. There’s a limited number of muffins and they sell out quickly. First come, first served!

Tech Lab with Jerry

For one-on-one assistance with your tech concerns, register at the Information Desk on the second floor across from the elevator or contact Gladys at ext 223 or

Art Explorations with Danny Hauben   

Renowned Bronx Artist Daniel Hauben shares insights into the works of well known artists.   Join him as he explores the evolution of the great artists from their early works onward.  Learn more about artistic periods and the history surrounding them, what influenced these great artists, and how they influenced the world.

Brain Games and Charades with Marv

Join Marv Goodman for word and picture puzzles, trivia and nostalgic quizzes and games.  We’ll play Charades the second half of each session.

Knitting with Barbara

Join Knitter Extraordinaire Barbara Goodman to make your first scarf or work out a complicated new sweater pattern. All levels welcome and no experience necessary.

Chair Aerobics with Stuart 

Stuart Haden, a Certified Senior Fitness Instructor, is teaching a one-hour cardio and flexibility workout that can be performed seated or with the support of a chair.

Technology Class with Trinity   

Bring your mobile device and hone your tech skills. 

Water Aerobics/Open Swim

Advance registration is required weekly for Open Swim and Water Aerobics. Pool capacity is limited to 25 persons. Register at the Information Desk on the second floor across from the elevator or contact Gladys at ext 223 or Reminder: There is no registration for Water Aerobics on the first floor.

Conversational Spanish for Advanced Beginners with Rhonda

Open to members with a basic understanding of the language, this class is the perfect opportunity to build upon your foundation and become fluent in no time. ¡Hasta pronto!

Functional Movement with Terry

Join Terry Roche in her popular functional training fitness class. Terry is a personal trainer and holds multiple certifications.

Chair Yoga with Anthony (Hybrid) 

This class can be performed seated or with the support of a chair, making it accessible for all fitness levels. Come discover the power of yoga to enhance your strength, flexibility, and overall well-being. Anthony Purdy is a certified yoga instructor as well as an award winning classical guitarist, teacher and poet.

Group Chat with Carmen

Open to all members, we’ll discuss issues that are important to you and your peers. Facilitated by Carmen Lopez, our Social Worker.

Book Club (Virtual) 

If you want to join the Book Club, email She will send you a link and discussion questions for the Zoom meeting.

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