Celebrating Our Remarkable Community: A Tribute to Our Unsung Heroes

This May, we celebrated our dedicated members and volunteers who embody our community’s spirit.

First and foremost, let’s applaud Ronnie Lesh, our data entry volunteer. Ronnie is being honored with the Community Service Award from Riverdale Y and the Outstanding Volunteerism Award from the UJA. Her dedication goes beyond the visible – she meticulously records the participation data for our programs, a task vital for our funding from the Department for the Aging. This work ensures we can continue offering diverse programs and services that enrich our lives. Ronnie’s commitment, coming in almost every day to input these details, exemplifies the silent yet indispensable work that forms the backbone of our center.

Join us on June 5 at 6:30 pm for our Annual General Meeting, where Ronnie will be celebrated and receive the Community Service Award from Riverdale Y. Refreshments will be served, and transportation will be provided. Please reach out to our staff for details.

In May, we also had the pleasure of celebrating two fantastic events: the Riverdale Run & Fun Day and the UJA dining room dedication. The Riverdale Run & Fun Day was a tremendous success, drawing over 400 participants and more than 800 attendees. It was a day filled with joy, energy, and community spirit. The UJA dining room dedication was another milestone, underscoring the generosity and support that sustain us.

These events highlight the importance of each individual in our community. From the donors who contributed to Riverdale Run & Fun fundraiser to the volunteers who managed the bib and t-shirt tables, to our dedicated staff members – each person’s contribution is vital. Without you, without Ronnie, without our generous donors and hardworking staff, we would simply be individuals sharing a space. Together, we form a cohesive, supportive, and celebratory community.

If you haven’t yet joined us, consider this an open invitation. Participate in our programs, volunteer your time, or support us through donations. But most importantly, join us with your heart. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing in the incredible journey of our community.

Warmest Regards,
Alexandra Nyashina
Director of Volunteer Services

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