America Red Cross Certification Courses at the Riverdale Y

Lifeguarding Certification Programs

The primary purpose of the courses in the American Red Cross Lifeguarding program is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to:

  • Prevent, recognize, and respond to aquatic emergencies.
  • Provide professional-level care for breathing and cardiac emergencies, injuries, and sudden
    illnesses until emergency medical services (EMS) professionals take over.

To participate in the Lifeguarding (Including Deep Water) course, participants must:

  • Be at least 15 years old on or before the final scheduled session of the Lifeguarding course.
  • Successfully complete the two prerequisite swimming skills evaluations:
    Prerequisite 1: Complete a swim-tread-swim sequence without stopping to rest:
  • Jump into the water and totally submerge, resurface then swim 150 yards using the front crawl, breaststroke or a combination of both. (Swimming on the back or side is not permitted. Swim goggles are allowed)
  • Maintain position at the surface of the water for 2 minutes by treading water using only the legs
  • Swim 50 yards using the front crawl, breaststroke or a combination of both

Prerequisite 2: Complete a timed event within 1 minute, 40 seconds:

  • Starting in the water, swim 20 yards. (The face may be in or out of the water. Swim goggles are not allowed).
  • Surface dive (feet-first or head-first) to a depth of 7 – 10 feet to retrieve a 10-pound object.
  • Return to the surface and swim 20 yards on the back to return to the starting point, holding the object at the surface with both hands and keeping the face out at or near the surface.
  • Exit the water without using a ladder or steps.

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